Pleased & Honored

A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Chief Robert & Terri Tall Tree, who were giving a talk on a healer’s summit. Being an animal communicator who is deeply connected to Nature, their message that day resonated with me. I decided to delve a little deeper into their teachings. Little did I […]

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New Website & Animal Communication MP3 Course

After 21 months, I have emerged from my “dark night of the Website” with the help of Jason Wickens of in the UK. It was a frustrating, disappointing, & expensive experience until the Universe brought Jason to me for help with developing his telepathic animal communication skills. I was happy to help in any […]

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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth!

This is my first blog post in many months due to my Website construction woes. Sorry for my absence, but I believe I’m coming to the end of them soon. I’ve still been working with the animals and their people doing what I love ~ helping build better and deeper relationships between 2-leggeds & 4- […]

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Thank You to Two!

I want to say a heart-felt thank you to two wonderful ladies today. First to Dr. Connie Numbers for the wonderful interview we did last night on her radio show, “Kickin it Up a Notch in Life, Love, & Spirit.” You can find the link to the reply on my Website at: I’m so […]

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Sunday Interview & Latest Testimonial

I’m really excited about my upcoming interview with Dr. Connie Numbers on her radio show, “Kickin’ It Up a Notch in Life, Love, & Spirit.” I hope you can join us this Sunday, March 16th, from 8 – 9 pm ET. You’re encouraged to call-in with any questions you might have about telepathic animal communication […]

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Thursday Treat!

I am so pleased to be joining Jaikaur on her radio show “Grace, Grit, & Gratitude,” this Thursday, Dec. 12 from 12 – 12:30 pm. I did one of my earliest interviews with Jaikaur, and we have become good friends over the years. I’m really looking forward to our time together. I hope you can […]

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Try, Try Again!

My rescheduled, due to technical difficulties, interview with Sharon Jenkins on her radio show, “The Literary Showcase,” is set for Thursday, Dec. 5th from 8 – 8:15 pm. Here’s hoping the internet radio angels clear away any issues for us. Please join Sharon and I at:

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Blogtalkradio had issues, so my interview on “The Literary Showcase” will be rescheduled. I’ll be back in touch when I know the specifics. Happy Weekend!

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My 15 Minutes of Fame!

Just wanted to give you the direct link to my interview tomorrow, Sat. the 30th from 10 – 10:15 am with Sharon Jenkins on “The Literary Showcase.” I’m honored to be included with the three other gifted, women authors.

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News & Thanks!

I want to thank Leslie Brown for posting my article about how a ten-week old Labrador pup (Saba) taught me about forgiveness; a lesson I’d been struggling with for years. Please enjoy, Life Lesson from Labradors, on “(Dog)Spired.” You’ll learn what his brother, Hana, taught as well. Saturday, Nov.

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